Our philosophy to trail planning, design and construction is to create an opportunity for the visitor to be fully immersed in the landscape and to experience the remarkable and awe-inspiring without damaging the ecology or detracting from the natural system and cultural heritage of the area.

Our skill in trail planning, design, construction and evaluation comes from our understanding of the trail user, (their motivations and needs) and how this is relevant in the context of natural and ecological aspects of a given landscape, cultural values, existing cultural assets, and community values and resources. All of this contributes to a successful end product that draws people time and time again.

A well-designed trail is an experience,
not just a way to get from here to there…
Start with a Great Design
Manage your Project Right,
Organize Funding and 
Get Through The Red Tape

We focus on intuitive and sustainable design. We've learned that a sustainable trail can be designed to work with the landscape in order to avoid costly and environmentally challenging impacts. Over the years we have established best practices in trail design that are adaptable to specific soil types and geology, hydrology and topography.

Trail planning and design includes: site and user analysis, identification of key features. flagging and mapping of alignment, location and design specifications of built infrastructure elements (trailheads, bridges, boardwalks, railings, viewing platforms etc.)


Through proper design, attention to the environmental factors (drainage, soil type, terrain) our crew implements trail building techniques to ensure long term sustainability. 


Close to 20 year of trail construction, maintenance and ongoing monitoring has further refined the company’s design and construction techniques to maximize sustainability.

We strive to provide clear and concise planning, communication, allotment of resources and reporting at every stage.

It takes a team effort to make projects a reality. We help you liason with everyone involved in your project whether it's park staff, trail volunteers, First Nations and other stakeholders. We've worked with all levels of government and various associations and community groups and understand the need for clear and open communication.


We inform our clients on general work procedures and progress, and work within client approved budgets.  We respect our client’s strategic objectives and priorities.

Build with Solid Construction Made to Last

We provide eco-minded building techniques to maximize user experience while minimizing environmental impact and maintenance, with a specialization in natural surface tread trails

While we have experience with all types of built structures, we prefer and have extensive experience working with natural materials, especially those with good durability and lifespan


Some of our projects have been in place for close to 20 years. We have had the opportunity to observe the lifespan of natural and pressure-treated materials and are familiar with the durability and sustainability of each.  

We are fully equipped with the required tools including narrow gage machinery and a wide variety of hand tools. Staff are trained and qualified in wilderness and front country trail construction. The company works to meet timelines and procedures set out in the construction plan.


We also have mini excavators, tracked carrier crawlers, a mini tracked  skid-steer, wheeled skid-steer, walk behind roller, plate tampers, and various power tools for constructed features.  The company owns and operates its own trucks and float to ensure a quick turnaround time for time sensitive jobs.

Have us run Trail Building Workshops for you

Volunteers are a vital yet often overlooked resource for outdoor recreation initiatives. Engage your volunteers and employees with tailor made programs to boost trail sustainability and community involvement. Invite people to get involved in a new trail or get a new volunteers interested in an existing one.


Workshops can focus on a variety of topics including; sustainable design, proper construction and maintenance techniques. Let us help you build a healthy engaged volunteer base.

We offer general Maintenance and site Restoration

We do full trail system and site assessments and servicing from seasonal clearing to full restoration projects. 

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