Early Years Outdoor Play

Kids thrive when given quality outdoor creative play opportunities. We're here to help you make that happen.

Early Learning & Outdoor Play

Our team is committed to getting your Early Learning play space 'adventure ready' with age appropriate play elements.  We are a design/build company and are certified to install both traditional and natural playscape elements. 

What we do:

  • Help you develop your vision with free initial project consultation

  • We work with a variety of clients from Daycares to Community Groups on small and large scale projects

  • We offer exciting CUSTOM BUILD options for your outdoor spaces including sand kitchens, furniture and outdoor chalkboards

  • Supply and Installation of safety surfacing for play spaces

  • We provide flexible service - we can do full design and construction service for your project or provide one or two play elements in a supplier or fabricator role

  • Source local materials as much as possible to keep costs down

  • Help you secure funds & grants where available

  • Sustainable and solid construction

  • We make it easy for people to donate supplies and time by generating a list of materials for volunteers to source locally

  • We hold a special insurance policy that allow us to work with volunteers to facilitate community build days.  We make it east for people to donate their time and resources to your project.  Build your community while keeping costs down.

  • We offer maintenance service for play spaces that we've built and on existing parks. We create maintenance plans for you so your play space is well maintained and looked after. 

  • We can install any type of equipment so your project is fully customized to your needs 

Designing The Best Play Space For Your Needs and Budget

Your play space can be whatever you want it to be. We can install traditional or natural playscape elements and often we do a mix of both and place traditional pieces into a natural setting. You might have lots of land to work with or maybe you have a small space that you want to maximize, we can help you make the most of what you have and achieve all your desired play outcomes.

Are you excited but overwhelmed to plan your playspace?!

Many of our clients are child educators and administrators who are committed to creative and high quality play outcomes but they are also BUSY!  They need to know what they can afford for their budgets and what their options are.


We can help you get started on the right track and help you maximize your resources. We are committed to amazing play outcomes for every project we work on. Contact us today for an initial project consultation!

1 902 647 2271 or Email Us

Concept Planning 

Start your project off right. We can help you develop your concept and guide you through flexible and creative options.

Drawings & Design

Once we understand your needs we move onto detailed drawings and plans

Products & Play Elements

When you work with us you have access to high quality play elements whether through our partners or our own custom fabrication.

Construction & Installation

We offer full service construction and installation. We also offer community build options. We make it easy for people to donate materials and time to your project.

Custom Design and Fabrication Items 

We found it challenging to find certain play elements that were made with high quality craftsmanship that didn't need to be imported from far away so we began our own custom fabrication. We use these in our projects but all items are also for individual sale, if you want to grab one for your project, call us for pricing 1 902 647 2271.

Outdoor Chalkboards

Sand Kitchen Play

Custom Furniture

You might have a Budget for your Project you didn't know Existed


With our almost 20 years working in Atlantic Canada in the outdoor recreation field, one of the things we know very well is FUNDING.

​There are government grants and resources many of our clients are unaware of and that's where we come in. We can assist in identifying, applying, and securing funds for your project. If there's money out there for you, we'll help you get it.

Contact Us:

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Email: cobequidconsulting1@gmail.com


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